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Simeox Technology

Airway Clearance for chronic respiratory pathologies

The Simeox technology offers to healthcare professionnals and their patients suffering from chronic respiratory pathologies an innovative solution for an efficient clearance of the lung airways. By changing the physical properties of mucus, Simeox helps mobilize secretions and assists its transport for removal.

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Simeox benefits

Direct action
on the mucus

Provides during the expiration a specific pneumatic signal developed following years of research that liquefy mucus in less than 2 seconds

Optimal Airway

Direct action on the mucus rheology for an efficient drainage with minimum fatigability of the patient

Clearance of the
distal part

Allows a succession of relaxed expirations for a clearance of the distal part of the lungs


Has ergonomics for being used by the patient himself or in addition to the physiotherapist’s intervention


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