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Helga: user testimonial from a bronchiectasis patient *

“My name is Helga, I am 61 years old and I discovered a few years ago that I have bronchiectasis. These are irreversible extensions or bulges in the bronchial tubes in which more secretion is deposited. Bacterias can then settle there, which leads to an increased susceptibility to infection.

In spite of the increasing cough, neither the family doctor nor the lung specialist suggested any therapy. In the year 2018, I had an infection, which worsened very much my health status. During a coughing attack, I even broke three ribs. It couldn’t go on like this and I found a doctor who prescribed me respiratory physiotherapy. It was a very positive experience that improved my symptoms considerably. After a few months of breathing therapy, the therapist introduced me to the Simeox device and allowed me to try it out at home.

The results could not be compared to anything I had done before (inhaling with isotonic saline solution, oscillating PEP devices). It significantly reduced the viscosity of the secretion, thus easier coughing and reduction of strenuous unproductive cough shocks; significant improvement of general condition and performance. I finally had the feeling that I could breathe deeply again.

Since the Simeox device has recently also been approved for use at home, I have submitted a corresponding prescription for medical aids to my health insurance company. On a Friday, I received the approval from the health insurance company and on the following Monday, the device was already delivered to my home. SUPER!

I have been using the device regularly for 2 months now, and even daily for the first 14 days. The operation is very simple – you can’t do anything wrong. On the advice of my physiotherapist, I change the position during use (sitting, lying on my back, lying on the left or right side), which proved to be very effective. The positive thing about having the Simeox device at home is also – besides the independence about time – that you can find out for yourself individually when, how often and in which position the use of the Simeox device is most effective. I also took the Simeox device with me on holiday. In the last week of my holiday, I somehow caught a cold. Due to intense Simeox sessions, my cold was gone after one week (it hasn’t been that fast for years) and the cough was almost gone after three weeks (in the last years it was more a matter of months).

I think that a combination of using the Simeox device and various exercises to strengthen the respiratory muscles is the best way for me to cope with the consequences of bronchiectasis and I am very curious about the long-term effects of using the device, e.g. the susceptibility to infections in the colder months of the year.”

* Translated text. Original testimonial in German.

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