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ERS 2020 e-Poster : Physiological effects of Simeox in healthy adults.

The 30th anniversary of the ERS International Congress is an innovative and interactive virtual event that will take place on 7–9 September, 2020. Due to COVID-19, the ERS deployed its resources to upload all the scientific content in a virtual platform. We are pleased to have 3 e-Posters about Simeox that have been selected to be shown during ERS2020. Here is below the first one we are happy to introduce:

1. “Physiological effects of Simeox Airway Clearance Device in healthy adults”: 

Simeox signal is characterised by highly reproducible oscillatory flow that looks to be very performing and secure.

Summary : Oscillatory vibrations on expiration assist in loosening and mobilizing the secretions in chronic pulmonary diseases. A prospective study in 10 healthy adults subjects aimed to characterize with a flux analyser the oscillatory flow and negative pressure pulses produced by Simeox technology during exhalation. The results showed good performance of the device overpower (25-100%) and frequency  (6-12 Hz) range. The data were highly reproducible and negative pressure was safe (-10 to -60 mbar). These data confirmed that Simeox may be an efficient and secure technology for airway clearance therapy.

You’ll find the entire version of the e-Poster here “Physiological effects of Simeox Airway Clearance Device in healthy adults”. 

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