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SIMETOL trial published in the European Journal of Respiratory Medicine

We are excited to share that our SIMETOL trial has been published in the European Journal of Respiratory Medicine (“Giovannetti.P, Morin L, Gaubert MR. Safety and Efficacy of an Innovative Airway Clearance Device Versus Manual Chest Physiotherapy Techniques For Airway Secretion Clearance: a Feasibility Study. European Journal of Respiratory Medicine. 2020: 1:2 “).

SIMETOL feasibility trial suggests that Simeox therapy is safe and feasible in patients with obstructive lung disease. The addition of Simeox to usual chest physiotherapy may have the potential to facilitate increased mucus clearance from the first drainage session. Simeox may provide also additional benefits in term of comfort and perceived efficiency for patients.

The validation of these results is currently investigated in larger, well-controlled clinical trials (MUCOSIM, HOMECARE SIMEOX).

Read the full article here: SIMETOL EJRM 2020

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