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Simeox Symposium at 3rd European Bronchiectasis Workshop – Milan / Feb 23-25, 2023

Airway Clearance is part of the first-line treatment for patients diagnosed with Bronchiectasis.

PhysioAssist will support and exhibit at the 3rd European Bronchiectasis Workshop in Milan (Italy) from Feb 23 to Feb 25, 2023.

On Friday, February 24th, we are proud and thrilled to propose a symposium entitled “SIMEOX THERAPY FOR DISTAL MUCUS MANAGEMENT IN AUTONOMY AT HOSPITAL AND HOME” with the participation of Pr Michal Shteinberg (Israël) and Paul McCallion (UK) as co-chairs and Laurent Morin (France), Dr Vittoria Comellini (Italy) and Chiara Beccaluva (Italy) as speakers.

🌿 Dr Vittoria Comellini (pulmonologist) and Chiara Beccaluva (physiotherapist) will share their clinical expertise in Simeox for Bronchiectasis patients, with applications in the hospital environment, as well as in the home environment.

Full programme available here

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