Simeox is a class 2a medical device that delivers a specific pneumatic signal* during the exhalation phase that liquefies bronchial mucus while transporting it from the distal part of the lung to the central airways. Simeox helps patients with pulmonary diseases suffering from abundant and sticky mucus to mobilize and drain their secretions. The patient uses Simeox in total relaxation, therefore his fatigability is not increased.

*This signal has been designed based on 4 years of fundamental research about the bronchial mucus properties and has a direct impact on the viscosity of mucus.

Simeox is not a mechanical in-exsufflator. The indications of Simeox are different than the indications of a mechanical in-exsufflator.

Mechanical in-exsufflators assist secretions’ expectoration while Simeox allows mobilization and drainage of the deep lungs. Unlike patients using mechanical in-exsufflator, patients using Simeox are able to cough.

Simeox has been designed to assist bronchial drainage for patients with chronic pulmonary diseases, such as Cystic Fibrosis, COPD, Bronchiectasis, Ciliary Dyskinesia, etc. Those patients typically have high bronchial instability and are prone to collapsus. The Simeox technology does not provide continuous flow, therefore bronchial collapsus is avoided, which implies no coughing and no fatigue during bronchial drainage.

Simeox assists the exhalation phase, not the inspiration phase. The patient needs to be able to inspire by himself.
Therefore, by design, patients with muscular weakness cannot efficiently use Simeox.

The age limit is 8 years-old. There is no weight limit.

Simeox allows distal drainage of sticky mucus by liquefying bronchial secretions with no increase of the patient fatigability. By deflating the lungs, it helps to restore thoracic compliance.

Fundamental research supporting the design of the Simeox technology has shown that when bronchial mucus stimulation stops, it goes back to its initial sticky status. This is why Simeox signal liquefies mucus and transports it at the same time.

There are very few settings to adjust when using Simeox:

  • Number of exhalations (6, 8 or 10)
  • Intensity of signal power (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%)

Specific accessories (tubing, filter and mouthpiece) are to be used in combination with Simeox.
The design of the filter is very specific and allows an acceleration of the propagation of the signal which contributes to the efficacy of the device.

Currently, Simeox does not collect any therapy data.